Slice of ~Bananas~

villian park_July Bananas

Villian Park

Bananas is a monthly underground hip hop showcase that goes off every third Tuesday of the month at Kaos Network in Leimert Park. Six years running, Bananas is the place to be for enterprising hip hop artists who are making a name for themselves in L.A.’s underground scene. The lineup is determined by Kyle Guy (alter ego of posi rap superhero VerbS), who packs in a substantial list of young and hungry artists, rare talent, and out-of-town troubadours each month.

kyle and homedude




Bananas isn’t just another obscure affair – You can always count on a core group of regulars in addition to an unpredictable mix of exquisite creatures from all corners of the city, many of whom would probably never find their way to Leimert Park without the lure of Bananas.







“It’s a big-ass rap party,” says Guy, who is apt to book more than a dozen acts for each show. “There are people from all walks of life coming out.”   


Hugh Augustine

It’s an eclectic mix, where the money-and-hoes rappers get to mingle with the punk-rock hip hop heads. You never quite know who will pop up, like guitar virtuoso John Frusciante, who made a discreet appearance earlier this year, or any number of local legends from Leimert and beyond.  

SB the Moor_July Bananas

Signor Benedict the Moor

Hip hop may dominate, but that’s not all there is to the Bananas lineup. R & B, Afro Caribbean dance, live beats and sidewalk ciphers are all par for the course at this monthly gathering. Bananas goes off on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, with a few rare “Green Bananas” shows here and there.

Peep the Bananas Facebook page and stay connected.

ninja turtles

TMNT in the house!

homedude_1kwamil tho_MG_9090Kyle Guy_July Bananas


We Are/She Is Live at CSULB

Dragging ass on my way to class, sweaty and sleep-deprived — then the sounds of rock ‘n’ roll pick up my chin and turn my feet in a new direction. ‘Round the corner, down the stairs, to find We Are/She Is, a badass trio with a crisp dance-punk sound. I like these cats. Check out this snippet I caught before running off to class! Hope I do get to see them again somewhere – like The Smell on Sept 29! 😉

Check out more from We Are/She Is at

Follow Wolfpack Hustle from LA to Red Hook Crit (video) + Chantal Claret

Wolfpack Hustle hit New York City for the Red Hook Crit earlier this year. Check out their adventure through the city and on the race course, captured by Ace Carretero with additional footage from Lucas Brunelle. Riding around NYC is always exciting; you never know what’s going to happen next but you always keep moving!


When you’re through with that vid, put some Chantal Claret in your ears.

Stretch & bend

It’s Saturday in New York and the streets are calling.









Today I learned that it’s easier to walk than ride a bike to many places. Between being a mere block from Union Square and hopping the train with pedestrian friends, as well as the glut of taxi & truck traffic that makes the streets impassable at times, going by foot just ends up being most reasonable. Being an Angeleno, one from the Valley no less, walking (as a form of transportation) is a bit of a novelty.

My calves find it a novelty, too–by the days end they ached in a new way, pulling and stretching in a way pedaling just doesn’t do.

My first stop was the Post Office to ship out a couple much-delayed care packages, and then I was headed towards the notorious Union Square, for a stopoff at Barnes & Noble–and its exhaustive magazine selection, more specifically. On my way over I happened upon the farmer’s market in Union Square Park.












Piles of carrots, radishes, garlic bulbs and greens–spinach, lettuce, chards and kales–punctuated the scene. The sweetly overpowering scent of apples swirled through the air. Artisanal breads, sausages, cheeses, pies and jams dotted the market between the farm and garden stands, one of which announced: “Last day for tomato plants.” The bounty made me nostalgic for my home kitchen and garden as I took in the regional offerings and sampled locally-made pickles, jam, and wine (I am now yearning to make a trip to the Seneca-based Anthony Road winery in the Finger Lakes wine country).

I wandered through the rest of the park as well, where the subtle scents of roses and hydrangeas mingled with the audible joy of small children and languid air of casual park patrons.image



After my park-and-market stroll I ventured across the street to the bookstore, where I gathered an arms-full worth of magazines–everything from the New Yorker and Time to More, Bust, Bicycling, Self, Lantham’s, ReadyMade, Mental Floss and several others–and spent a few hours scanning and scouring in the name of professional research and inspiration. As the afternoon wore on, I departed and made my way to Coney Island and eventually a musical night in Brooklyn, which I shall detail in my next entry. I do hope you had a fulfilling Saturday too!