WPH Midnight Drag Race 2012

Tonight 200 racers will smash, sprint and bear down with all their might in a high-stakes sprint through the DTLA's Second Street tunnel. Absent for the past couple years, the race quickly became the stuff of legends since inception. Cyclists hungry for speed and glory have long anticipated its resurrection, and the competition is guaranteed to be fierce.


Racers will sprint across a 1,000-foot straightaway on a slight incline, through the infamous tunnel (appearing in Blade Runner, Terminator, and Kill Bill) in a series of six heats. While the drag race once held notoriety as an underground event, this year’s race is a fully-permitted affair, with much thanks and gratitude owed to Dorothy Wong, Rick Kleinsmith, and Sara Hernandez, Downtown Director of Council District 14.

Wolfpack Hustle is teaming up with SoCalCross Precision Timing, to provide accuracy to the hundreth of a second in every heat. All racers will compete single-speed, and the top 16 men and women from all six heats will compete in a single-elimination battle until the fastest rider in each category remains the last one standing.

What’s at stake? First place man and woman each receive $100; throne occupants with the fastest time for each heat will be awarded various prizes; and of course, a set of prestigious Wolfpack dog tags awaits the fastest, fiercest racers.

The race begins at 8 p.m. Full race schedule can be found here. I’ll be racing in Heat 4, along with both the top-favored female, Beatriz Rodriguez, and top-favored male, Tim Mcgee. Sponsors include State Bicycle Co., City Grounds, Orange 20, TRAFIK, Jenson USA and many others.