Sleeping with ghosts

I’ve been sleeping with ghosts
I’ve been sinking in futility
The weight of the world is leaning on me
And I’m not sure of my own identity
Looking in the mirror
There’s a strange face staring back,
Who could it be
She looks tired
But I’m feeling wired
Worked up and twerked up
And freaked out and sussed up
I used to be a living thing – A breathing being
What now? – The walls are paper thin
Torn down by fire,                                                                                                                                                  water                                                                                                                                                    or wind

When the colors start to fade,                                                                                                   That’s when we fear the end                                                                                                     Now when the colors start to fade                                                                                     That’s when it’s time to start again                                                                                       Wash the slate clean when the colors fade and                                                                       Make tea for the ghosts as long they stay.

The morning will come                                                                                                              When I awake alone                                                                                                                  When your ghost, and his ghost, and her ghost is gone                                                          When the apparitions fade into the breaking dawn.


2 thoughts on “Sleeping with ghosts

  1. hey its eclipse im just overly depressed because we didn’t even know each other long enough to chill or kick it and my life with my friends are so distant I daily try to justify my existence. I lost my phone for the 2 time im trying to blame someone but I can only blame my small pants pockets im pissed off you were such a great friend I want to split a pizza when you get the chance I hope im not forgotten that’s what usally happens with me people freaking forget when I get my phone again Ill send you my number its eclipse I allways enjoyed reading your poetry not to many scribes out there =0 =$ =)

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