In the River

Hopped in a kayak to take a spin around the rivers. Paddled down the Allegheny into the Ohio. Turned around and saw Pittsburgh from a new perspective. Usually I am beside the river; riding, walking, sitting, drinking, contemplating. From the center of the river, from above the point (Point State Park straight ahead) where the Monongahela and the Allegheny meet, I can see the northside, downtown, Heinz Field, PNC Park, see the cable cars traverse the incline to Mt. Washington, the barges congregating at the river’s edge, mile-long trains coming in and going out simultaneously. Days and weeks have passed punctuated by the river, in the moonlight, in the bright sun, in spite of the storms and on starless evenings. Together, alone, but always beside. In the river, there are bridges ahead and behind, the critical connectors joining the fractured cityscape. Perspective shifts from within the river. It is not the bridges that connect, it is the river itself.







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