Encino Velodrome, Way Back When

While working on a feature on the Encino Velodrome I fell down the rabbit hole of historical material trying to find out more about the four founders and the evolution of Encino Velodrome and tracks throughout the country. The coolest thing I came across was an article titled “HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN BIKE BOOM” on the Encino Velodrome, published within a year of its opening, in American Bicyclist and Motorcyclist magazine in 1961. I reeeeeally wanted to get my hands on a copy, to just see the pages themselves (and make a copy of it for my own archives), but apparently neither the LAPL or my university library are in possession of any copies. So, many thanks to Howie Cohen, who has shared this gem with us as part of his Everything Bicycles collection. Be sure to hit “Next Page” to see the Architect’s rendering of the track and find out how a little bit o’ California bike dreamin’ and a round of golf led to Encino Velodrome, one of the country’s longest standing tracks.

Stay tuned for my words + Mikey’s snaps featuring Encino Velodrome in issue #36 of Urban Velo!


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