Who will take Worlds 2012?

The 2012 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships are under way in Geneva, and from whatever odd scheduling reason, finals will take place on Saturday rather than Sunday. But since Geneva is 9 hours ahead (of Pacific Standard Time), that means the elimination bracket for the top 32 teams, scheduled for 9 a.m., will kick off at midnight tonight.

If you haven’t been following, here’s where things stand after two days of seeding rounds (9 games):

Returning WHBPC champs the Crazy Canucks (EVAN) ended out the last two days of seeding rounds in the 8th seed, with 3 losses and 1 tie  against the Beaver Boys (MKE), who currently hold the North American champion title and won the 2010 Worlds title.

The European favorite is France’s Call Me Daddy, who claimed the Euro Hardcourt championship title in their hometown of Paris last month. Call Me Daddy seeded second, losing only one of their nine games in a close bout to beer point against the Guardians, who sit at the top of the seed. The Seattle super team narrowly missed the North American title after coming back from the loser’s bracket and serving the hometown heroes their first loss of the day. If it seemed too good to be true, that’s because it was. With one final match left to complete the double elimination tournament, the Beaver Boys clinched their title and sent the Seattle bike polo poster boys packing.

The top 10 teams going into double elimination rounds:

  • 1) Guardians                      7/2/0 +18 32
  • 2) Call Me Daddy               6/1/2 +19 33
  • 3) Spring Break                  6/1/2 +6 21
  • 4) Long Hair Don’t Care     6/2/1 +10 27
  • 5) LEquipe                          6/2/1 +6 23
  • 6) Portland United              5/2/2 +10 28
  • 7) Edisons                         5/3/1 +8 24
  • 8) Crazy Canucks             5/3/1 +7 30
  • 9) Cocorico                       5/3/1 +7 22
  • 10) DeadRappers             5/3/1 +5 17

But it’s a new day on a new court, and the Guardians will go into the elimination rounds in the top position. Still, the 32nd seeded team is no joke — although their team name might suggest otherwise, Toronto’s No Big Deal is a seasoned squad that could well pose a substantial threat. And if you were on the scene at Worlds in Seattle last year, you would have seen the 32nd seeded Wizard Tactix (PDX) send the Beaver Boys, who seeded first, to the losers bracket in the first game of the day – anything can happen.

We’ve placed a few bets at No Manor (LA’s polo house) as to who we expect to see claim the championship this year, but no one can really agree on one favorite. The teams on our list? The Guardians, the Beaver Boys, Portland United and Call Me Daddy. My choice? All I’ll say is it’s not Call Me Daddy (No offense guys, you played stellar last year in the finals against the Canucks; I just don’t see the world title going to a Euro team).

The elimination bracket can be seen here and will be updated live once games begin. Games will be streamed live at http://whbpc2012.org/live/