Shit! Fest!

Brick and Pat...

Last weekend about 3 dozen California polo nuts – plus Brad Q. from PGH/Urban Velo – got together in Santa Cruz to play as much polo as we could in two and a half days. Divided into 6 bench teams of 7-8, established by a schoolyard-style draft. It was tons of fun, but we’re all quitting bike polo to play dog soccer now – it’s 2x the fun.

...Susan shoots on Pat

Pat: “Keep it coming!”

*here’s where the shot of Pat running up the court with the ball is supposed to go. But it won’t resize properly, so check out the rest of these pics.

Doug's crossin' over

Susan can haz screen

Brick played better on Tsunami’s bike than his own. Good thing his bike broke! Mine did too – but Fraggle came to the rescue. This court is great and perfect for a polo bench with gates behind the goals.

We spent our nights at the polo dojo playing 2 v. 2 and practicing our shotgun skillz. I wanna do it all – all of it – all over again.