What’s green and white and comes in bunches? A CSA farm treasures gallery

I’ve got a lovely bunch of bunches! White carrots, cauliflower and celery were just a few of the good things at CSA this week.


The scallions, spinach, kale, broccoli rabe and mixed greens contributed their own shades of green to the mix, along with tangelos, tangerines and blood oranges.
The carrot rainbow of orange, purple, red and now white carrots over the past several weeks has been a delight. The mushrooms and beets from weeks prior have been some of the most flavorful I have ever had.

Over the past 3 months I have been volunteering for CSA California, running a pickup location in North Hollywood. It has been a fantastic experience. Perhaps the best part has been sharing the fruit and veggies with others and having them get excited and be eager to participate in helping out at CSA too. Of course, it’s a joy to see people excited for the new assortment when they come to pick up and curious about new fruits and veggies.
CSA (Community Sustainable Agriculture) California operates throughout Los Angeles and offers pickup locations throughout the city as well as delivery options. Find out more and sign up at CSACalifornia.org.
Some photos from the fall and winter


Watermelon radishes


Spinach & chard pizza


Squash medley: Sweet dumpling, spaghetti, kombocha (from top left clockwise)


Fall centerpiece - artichoke, squash, persimmons, pomegranate. Circa early November.


Spaghetti squash salad with mushrooms and mixed sprouts.

Button mushrooms stuffed with quinoa, carrot and parmesan



Ravenpaw, Kitty Guardian of CSA treasures


One thought on “What’s green and white and comes in bunches? A CSA farm treasures gallery

  1. Hey Krista lookin tastalicous! Hope all is well in ur neck of the woods! I was able to help biuld a bunch of raised bed for a community garden here in spokane in a part called peacefull valley. We did 27 4ft by 12ft gardens, might be puttin more in this spring! I have an awesome house here in the spokane valley, I will be puttin my own gardens in and hopefully produce enough food for myself and give away! I really enjoyed hangin with you and pepper playin bike polo, I havnt played since then unfortunatly. I really tried hard to play and keep in touch with the marmutts but I feel like I got kinda snubbed or something! I was called once like 4 months later to play within an hour but had plans that night and had given up on playin here in spocompton anyhow! I’ve been thinkin of starting my own team here I just need the players…LOL! All n all I’m still down to play! I love my bikes! I scored a high bike and was riding that for a good part of the summer till I killed the derailer on it! I also scored a nice giant carbon fiber frame…really light its awesome! Say hey to Pepper for me and if you are ever up in these parts you deffinantly have a place to stay! I’ve also thought about biulding a court at my place to play on! Keep keeping on, you are a fabulous person! 509-863-4724 cozmiknick@gmail.com

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