Drinking lots of coffee

So I haven’t really told you much of much, I feel. I don’t know what this blog is supposed to be about, really. Travel? Polo? Personal Growth? Fun? Yeah, sure, all of that.
I want to proclaim myself the queen of on-the-surface uncertainty. I don’t mind not being the 100-percent, sold-out, confident-in-my-every move person.
I want to confess to being uncertain and full of a million dreams and wishing I had a 100 more days to explore 10 different roads.
I have been spending my days drinking lots of coffee and dreaming lots of dreams. Trying to write more, write better. I get distracted easily. I like to explore. I like to take my time as I go along…I’ve lost my taste for a hurried pace.
A little island off the Pacific Coast, north of Astoria, Orgeon. Polo road trip September 2011, in the company of a few good Aussies.
I have found happiness in just being in the present moment. No more, “I gotta do this; I gotta do that.” Well, not really…I still have a million urges, but now they’re less urgent. I’ll do whatever gets done. Eat 5 donuts for dinner, fall asleep on the couch, wake up and finish the rest of the box of donuts with three cups of coffee and look for a good entomology program. I want to study bugs. Spiders, specifically. And drink 1,000 cups of coffee along the way.
I’m sorry, I’m rambling, and it’s not all that useful. I’m trying to make my life more creative – make more things. Share more things (like my updated links list –>).
Life has become humorously simple recently. Not half so complicated as things used to be. Why? I slowed down. I stopped caring about things that don’t matter. I focus on less. Less is more.
Blah blah blah, existential, philosophical silliness. Sorry guys. I have a lot of other writing I’ve been keeping under wraps. I know, I’m being selfish.  I’ll give you something worthwhile soon, I promise. In the meantime, I’m just ruminating.

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