Hell’s Belles

London held a ladies’ majority tournament last week. Congrats to Leslie, Valley and Seabass of Fish and Chippies.


Jinxy was able to hop across the pond and compete while the rest of L.A. took a much shorter trip up to SF for the annual Ball Whacker’s Ball. Transcontinental polo, tres magnifique! (Guess who doesn’t speak French.) Jinx won the prize for Best Shot over in London. Nice work Baby Bird!


I should be writing

I should be writing. There’s a lot going on in my head. In life. In Los Angeles. And all the miles beyond.

I met my cousin for drinks tonight; it’s been over a year since I’ve seen her, since she moved to Florida. She’s getting married. She just bought a house. After that: kids, she tells me. She’s a bit younger than I am. I am thrilled for her. Honestly and thoroughly. She starts telling me about her biological clock – she can feel it ticking. I smile wide and ask: “What’s that like?” Of course she thinks I’m joking. Did I set her up for this? Well, no, I really was curious. Sure, she’s not the only twentysomething who’s expressed their American Dream desires to me. OK, maybe the whole married with kids goes beyond American Dream status and is just the “natural” way of things. But it was an honest question. I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I could be wed and knocked up right now if I wanted, but I’ve rejected those “natural” steps. Not in a disdainful way, no – it’s just not my ideal itinerary. For my friends and family who are happily married and in the throes of child-rearing, I wish them every joy these things could bring. And for myself? Adventure, education, exploration, discovery. Impact. Teaching others and evolving and so much more. I am not trying to say that all these things are apart from the family scene, I am just saying – things can be different. And still be right.

So back to my cousin – yeah, she’s a little shocked by my “rejection” of these ideals. So I assure her life can be fulfilling without the pursuit of a husband and 2.5 kids. I assure her–sure, there can be love and joy in my life, even lasting companionship without all that other Leave it To Beaver junk.

At first it feels like maybe I’ve got horns growing out of my head, what with the look she gives me. But as the talk wears on – as she begins to understand that i’m not disgruntled, depressed, or even disillusioned – the horns shrink and disappear. The biggest thing is always explaining to people that no, I don’t hate kids. No, I’m not afraid of raising one. I think kids are awesome. Doesn’t mean I am obligated to have my own. Doesn’t make me any less whole, any less capable, or any less fulfilled. I’m just not choosing Option A.

So my cousin wants to know “What are you going to do when you get older?” to which I say “I’ll be older.” Pretty simple stuff, I’d say. What I’d like to know is “Why are marriage and kids more important than clean water and air, and food that hasn’t been poisoned with chemicals and ending consumerism that feeds off the suffering of others?”

Drinking lots of coffee


So I haven’t really told you much of much, I feel. I don’t know what this blog is supposed to be about, really. Travel? Polo? Personal Growth? Fun? Yeah, sure, all of that.
I want to proclaim myself the queen of on-the-surface uncertainty. I don’t mind not being the 100-percent, sold-out, confident-in-my-every move person.
I want to confess to being uncertain and full of a million dreams and wishing I had a 100 more days to explore 10 different roads.
I have been spending my days drinking lots of coffee and dreaming lots of dreams. Trying to write more, write better. I get distracted easily. I like to explore. I like to take my time as I go along…I’ve lost my taste for a hurried pace.
A little island off the Pacific Coast, north of Astoria, Orgeon. Polo road trip September 2011, in the company of a few good Aussies.
I have found happiness in just being in the present moment. No more, “I gotta do this; I gotta do that.” Well, not really…I still have a million urges, but now they’re less urgent. I’ll do whatever gets done. Eat 5 donuts for dinner, fall asleep on the couch, wake up and finish the rest of the box of donuts with three cups of coffee and look for a good entomology program. I want to study bugs. Spiders, specifically. And drink 1,000 cups of coffee along the way.
I’m sorry, I’m rambling, and it’s not all that useful. I’m trying to make my life more creative – make more things. Share more things (like my updated links list –>).
Life has become humorously simple recently. Not half so complicated as things used to be. Why? I slowed down. I stopped caring about things that don’t matter. I focus on less. Less is more.
Blah blah blah, existential, philosophical silliness. Sorry guys. I have a lot of other writing I’ve been keeping under wraps. I know, I’m being selfish.  I’ll give you something worthwhile soon, I promise. In the meantime, I’m just ruminating.

Biketober in Bike Angeles

I’ve missed L.A. bike life tons since I’ve been away. This Biketober there are a million awesome events happening in Bike Angeles.

Tour de Fat is returning to L.A. this Saturday, 11 to 5. New Belgium’s bikes and beer festival has already hit San Francisco and leap-frogged us for San Diego; now it’s our turn to play.

Come for the costumed bike parade; stay for the music, beer and shenanigans. Bike parade starts at 11. Proceeds from the event will go to the Bike Kitchen, C.I.C.L.E. and LACBC.

CicLAvia on Sunday, 10 to 3. The third edition of CicLavia will feature spurs that branch out from the original route from last year’s inaugural event. These added areas include El Pueblo/Olvera Street and parts of South L.A.

The first two events drew out scores of people, many of whom experienced their communities for what could be considered the first time. CicLAvia is part of a paradigm shift in not only how the city views bikes, but a shift in how the city engages and even notices the community around them, shift from experiencing the streets and surroundings from within the insulated interior of a car to spending a Sunday afternoon actually being in the streets and using your own body to move around, and feel the weather and smell the city and hear the people and be a part of it. And here in Los Angeles – where 10 million bodies squirm and shuffle across the urban sprawl – it’s nice to think that people might actually want to get to know each other. Midnight Ridazz has been doing this for years.

This year CicLAvia will also branch out to City Hall and the OccupyLA demonstration and will have a bike repair station here and at other points along the route. See the full route here.

And later this month we’ll have:

Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Drag Race on October 15. Singlespeed men’s and women’s division drag race (most likely 1,000 feet), location TBA. Prizes from TakeOverLA.

The day prior, the L.A. City Council will honor the Wolfpack Bikes vs. Jet race at City Hall, 9:30-11a.m.

And for those of us who can never get enough polo, a trip to San Francisco is due for the annual Ball Whacker’s Ball Halloween tournament. For the last two years, the San Francisco bike polo club has hosted one of the most fun tournaments of the year. This year L.A. Bike Polo can rejoice in getting to go to this awesome tournament and Choppercabras. Which is awesome, because we’re ready for some Choppbercabras-style brutality and destruction.

The Choppercabras 11th Annual Halloween Ride: Medieval Mayhem is on October 30th. Get ready to bleed.

Also, Midnight Dinazz is on the horizon, too, I believe….

Happy Biketober!!

P.S. L.A. Beer Week kicks off October 10th! Go here for a list of participants, including the Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood, Ladyface Alehouse in Calabassas, and Mohawk Bend in Echo Park; along with Scoops (Guinness ice cream! Guinness ice cream! Guinness ice cream!).

The highlight of Beer Week in L.A.? I would have to say it will be the Beer Float Showdown at the Eagle Rock Brewery on Saturday, Oct. 15.  All the beer floats are collaborations by local chefs and breweries, including Firestone, Ladyface, and Smog City Brewing. Tickets for the event are $35. You know, the way to a woman’s heart is through beer floats…

Revolution in the Fall.

October 1, Los Angeles – OccupyLA comes alive in downtown. The discontent disenfranchised take to the streets in Los Angeles today. In solidarity with the rumble of change that ripples out from the epicenter of the roaring core, the throng builds in the heart of the Mecca of excess.

It is a time of unrest. The people want change. The people want to be heard. The priorities of the hands that change money are against the people. Power must change hands.

If you pitch your good ear toward the rebellion what do you hear? 
What is it that the discontent are crying for? What is it that we seek to change? What is it we are asking for? What is it we are offering?

What will turn the wheels of change?

Let’s find out.