Hello and Goodbye: L.A. to Seattle


I’ve just spent a blink in Los Angeles. Now I’m shoveling peanut butter pretzels into my nervous mouth, counting the milliseconds til I touch ground in Seattle. My insides flutter, anticipating the whirlwind of bike polo I approach–5 hours til the week I’ve been waiting for since last year: Worlds. The World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship.

Holy crap I’m excited!

I made good use of my jaunt here with trips to peaceful beaches, hiking to waterfalls, eating lots of Mexican food, a few bike rides down skid row in crossing downtown, a carnival, a weekend in arrowhead, lots of polo, bbq’s, baking, dancing and disco naps, whiskey and wine, crafting and cat-sitting, trips to bike shops, co-ops and bike palaces, freeways and free enterprise…burned the man in the mecca of angels, with all the disciples of individuality everywhere, all around me. Fare well fair city, I’m off to slay.


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