Hey, NY: I’ll be back

5 Things I’m coming back to NY to do…:

  • Ride the Hudson River bike path all the way up to Inwood Park, the wooded area speckled with rock formations dubbed “Indian Caves” (though they apparently never were) at the Northern end of Manhattan.
  • Go to the Central Park aviary — I never made it in despite my numerous rides past it.
  • Go to Enid’s in Brooklyn to indulge in the Pickle Plate I was informed they serve, nor did I get to Guss Pickles, the East Village pickle house I learned of on my last day, one hour after the end of their short business day (they close at 4pm!).
  • Visit and explore the numerous Gothic cathedrals and churches housed within the perimeter of Manhattan, let alone what Brookyln holds, that I never chanced to set foot into, or glimpse their facades.
  • Watch the sun set over the Hudson at Riverside Park.

    Juniors egg cream

    Junior's egg cream

  • AND more trips to Veselka and a million more egg creams!

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