Life Moves Fast

The brisk pace of life in the city has swept me up, and a good amount of work has come my way as well, leaving my blog a bit derelict. Even on the days I attempted to write a post, I’ve been swept up in all kinds of other things.

Last week I wrote a piece about an awesome literary and photography micro-zine called Abe’s Penny for a local publication called Brooklyn Based (full article here). Their August edition is themed O, Miami and features the work of Miami photographer Lee Materazzi and a profound poem written by Yaddyra Peralta, whose work was selected from 200 submissions written on-the-spot during an April exhibition at the Artseen Gallery in Miami, where local poets–and anyone else who came through–were invited to write a piece of short fiction or poetry inspired by the work of four local photographers whose work was on display for Abe’s Penny’s first “live event.” The magazine is unique in format and content, and it was a pleasure to be able to interview the founders and some of the contributors and learn about their plans to explore new territory in the world of zines and art.

After wrapping that up I spent a few days in rural Pennsylvania, visiting family and slipping away to explore on the sweat and adrenaline-inducing single track trails hidden in Core Creek Park. This adventure ignited a new thirst for this form of cycling and made me love my clipless SixSixOne’s so much more. Was that an endorsement? Perhaps ; )

I then somehow ended up in Ocean City, the Jersey shore. For all the things I dislike about New Jersey, this place only served to reinforce them all. So many fake tans and goombas…I can’t get into this further without unearthing disturbing memories.

I returned to New York and headed out to Rockaway beach, to check out Stoked Mentoring’s Surf program and get to know some of the folks involved. Everyone involved with this program is awesome, from the Stoked staff to the volunteers, mentors and the teens. It felt like a regular gathering of friends having a blast on a sunny Saturday. I waded up to my waist in the water in a knee-length skirt to get closer to the action–not exactly dressed for the occasion, but the weather and my need to get some snaps urged it. I left with happiness in my heart for meeting such an awesome group of folks and optimism for the future of the youth involved, as well as a hearty sunburn despite two applications of sunblock. For more on Stoked’s program, check out my article on Brooklyn Based: Surf Lessons for Life.

I’ve also been checking out some of the great galleries in Brooklyn, including a killer exhibit (seriously, killer) by Jeremy Fish called Listen & Learn at the Joshua Liner Gallery, and the opening of the Last Rites Gallery, a space that focuses on featuring “dark art” images–think the dark side of your imagination; we all have one. Among the featured artists was Chet Zar, whose surreal and semi-grotesque Faces of Death collection I really dug. My buddy Rambod came with me, and he really dug Craig Rotonda’s Eternal Consequences, a series of paintings featuring personified baboons.

I’ve been to a few cool bars and had some great food and lots of fun, including a pizza party at the Brooklyn City Reliquary where the Slice Harvester — who has been rating pizza all over the city and writing all about it — presented the fifth issue of his quarterly pizza zine and even entertained us all, reading selections from the latest edition while his fake mustache did everything but stick to his face.

Everything else, you’ll have to wait to hear about, because, well, it’s Friday night and I’ve got one week left in NY, oh my!!


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