The writing on the (bathroom) wall

DUDE, we're at the Barbary

DUDE, we're at the Barbary (Philadephia)

Dude! Sometimes there is some pretty amusing stuff on the walls of bathrooms at bars, clubs, restaurants… and even porta potties. I’ve been snapping some of the more interesting things I see, and wanted to share them with ya’lls. I’ll be making WOTBW (Writing on the bathroom wall) a regular installment here, updating as I find innaresting things in the places I go to pee. Here’s a handful from here and there:

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon, also at the Barbary. I appreciate this one A LOT.
Alex is cute as fuck...

So fuck. (also the Barbary)

Literary criticismWho doesn’t enjoy good bathroom reading? Sorry WOTBW person, I didn’t bring any reading materials to the bar bathroom. Thanks for the rec. though. The Gold Star bar, Wicker Park, Shitcago.

Which is your favorite? Do you have any WOTBW to share? I’d love to see what else has been found.

Just pick ONE

Here's another suggestion from the library of bathroom wisdom. Just A book...that's all. This is from A porta potty in a Spokane park in Browne's Addition.


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