Independence Day in Philly

 Wet, hot American Phily

It’s summertime in Philly, and the heat is coming on slow and wet and easy. It sneaks up on you so that before you know it your hair is a wet mop stuck to your head and clings to your cheek like a dog’s tongue. Your throat is dry from all the wetness, and your skin swims against the bright, damp heat.

Loose the hydrant; skip through the glistening streams spewing forth, drowning the simmering asphalt. Situate yourself upon the steps, where the houses rest brick to brick, lining the street with a series of varied brick hues and screen doors opening onto the sidewalk. Soak up the quivering waves of heat. Soak up the languid chit chat wafting and stirring up and down the street.

Happy Independence Day, take it easy and be free.


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