Rideshare number three: Chicago bound




Chicago, here I come! I am traveling under the care of one gentleman who is moving away from the Rockaway Beach area of NYC. He is stopping off in Chicago to visit a few folks, en route to plant his roots in Nashville, Tennessee. We are riding in a cozy Hyuandai, gently packed with a Spartan amount of his personal belongings, and now I must impart: Ride shares are fun! This is the third I have taken within a 30 day span, and every one has been a good experience–a chance to meet someone new, exchange ideas, enjoy music and make the trip less solitary and more enriching. Additionally, they have all been phenomenally hassle-free. No waiting in lines, no ticket purchases, no tagging of luggage, no security checks. In terms of time effectiveness, ride shares are second only to airplanes, and a lot more comfortable.

I am beyond excited to see everyone who is flocking to the Windy City to be a part of this weekend’s highly anticipated Bench Minor tournament, and to see my thick-as-thieves 818 polo brothers, Joker, No Love and Boludo.

Currently we are 4 hours in, cruising through the sea of homogeneous greenery that is Pennsylvania, with roughly 9 hours to go.

Also, in case you may be wondering, I have not left New York for good, I am simply on an excursion, and will find myself back in the city on Monday, no doubt aching with delight from a weekend well-spent.

I am already enthralled in suspense, anxious to see the first teams square off on Saturday morning. The tournament will feature 6 teams of 9; the GMs (captains) of each team faces the task of staffing the court with the most suitable 3 players from their rosters according to who they is active in the opposition and how they round out their fellow active teammates. Who will make the most effective calls? Which team will stand victorious when all is said and done? Time shall tell and by Sunday night the champions will stand out from the lineup!


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