Golden G’s

Golden Gardens

Wrote this while at Golden Gardens in Seattle, it’s taken me a few days to get it up here:

It’s calm and peaceful here and the sun has returned from it’s hiding place behind the clouds. I am laying on a concrete bench, looking out last the narrow strip of sandy beach dotted with logs, out to the water and varied skies. To the left soft fluffy clouds stretch toward the beach, across a stunningly blue sky. Straight ahead the clouds get heavy, dense and dark, foretelling of impending storms they are eager to unleash. Straight above me the sun pierced through a wispy sea of cloud. The wind blows steady and carries a chill, but it helps to dry me out aftethe piercingr rain I rode through while I was passing my previous destination- the Ballard Locks. I lay against the concrete so that it can soak up some of the.moisture from my clothes. My gloves and skirt (worn over leggings) lay out to dry beside me. Seals bark at the water’s edge. I shift over to lay on a drier slab. I am mostly dry now save for my long cotton knee socks and feet–in my haste for adventureĀ I stepped into a patch of grass merely resting upon a muddy puddle; I had found some graffiti tunnels alongside the Burke-Gilman Trail and scrambled up the wet, grassy rocks to explore. The ride out here was an easy meander and I am eager to pedal farther…

Graffiti tunnels under the railroad tracks

(continuation)**…I was nearly dry when I decided to wander the beach and explore the dunes, which is also when the sky started getting wet again. The rain came down light and soft for a few minutes and then turned on like a faucet, so I hopped back on my pony and headed towards the U District–to the University of Washington, specifically. Soon the rain pooling on the concrete path, and coming down hard–so hard I had to bow my head to keep the drops from pelleting my face. The storm let loose a million tiny icy arrows, aiming to pierce everything with their wetness. At one point I thought it was actually sleet or hail; each drop fell with speed and fury, but it was just water. It rained like this for about 20 minutes, then it was nice out again! I followed the water to the U District, where I made my way to Recycled Cycles–a waterfront bike shop–to pick up some lights and score that sweet deal on my panniers. After, I met up with my cousin Alisa, and we had dinner at the Jade Garden in the International District with my Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue–family I hadn’t seen in about 10 years! Dinner included Peking duck, salt & pepper scallops, and Northwest shrimp.

Duck, scallops, prawn, and skrimps.

We talked of travels and of our shared love of Seattle, and after dinner my cousin gave me dry socks (thanks cuz!) and I rolled off to one last night of Seattle Bike Polo to hone my skillz with Seattle’s finest. You rocked my socks Seattle.


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