Touring at the speed of polo



24 miles and I have arrived at Higgins Point, a ridge of the east side of Couer d’Alene Lake. It sits between two expansive bodies of water, though I don’t know what the one to my east is. I am sweat-drenched from 24 miles of near continuous hills (the rest is hardly flat by any means but may not really be considered actual hills). My stomach aches more than anything else, from summoning core body strength to pull myself up the steeper grades, such as much of the ridge cresting the east side of CDA lake. I did not plan to take a rest here; I have been moving at a steady push, though not fast by any means-but I have to another point (one of many) where the trail seems to simple dissipate into an open space. Since I have to stop and confirm the correct trailhead (which I believe to be an unpaved rocky downhill stretch), I figured I would take this opportunity to also share this note and recover from the grades that procured a few audible grunts, vigorous panting, the desire to puke and an opportunity to question both my sanity and my desires.
There are some things that have made the ride easier, though, including repacking so that I have nothing to carry on my back, as well as a stop off at the post office that butted up against the trail around mile 9 to unload 6 pounds of unnecessary gear and bulk–extra tools, backup pedals, some clothing, and a few other miscellaneous items I determined not so necessary. Still, my setup is probably no one’s ideal touring rig, a 7-speed, single (rear) brake mountain bike with front and back wheel covers. Still, I am happy; the road is my everything today and I am just hoping this rocky trail doesn’t take me out and the many insects that continue to flock to my skin don’t eat me alive. That is all for now, I have many more miles and daydream to tend to.


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