Paradise is where the heart is


After 10 days of travel I feel healthier, happier and stronger. The nourishment of the soul proves much more substantial than the nourishment of the body. I find I am eating, drinking and smoking less, yet feeling much more full. Fulfilled, to be precise. Often, consumption is really just a form of compensation for what we truly lack – at least that is my perspective, and I am confident that it is true.

Needless to say, I am not yet a monk, or Buddha, and still require material nourishment. Particularly for climbing the graceful hills of Seattle. My best meal since leaving L.A. has been at a Sichuanese restuarantin the International District here. I shared a family-style meal with a few Seattle polo players and some friends of theirs, which worked out to a group of 7 and a veritable smorgasboard of the best Chinese food I have ever tasted.

Sichuanese Smorgasboard, photo by Max Davidoff


Also, yesterday was Folklife Fest part duex. I met a host of really rad people, including some crust punks from here, some train hoppers from SoCal and Mass., and a guy working on an art project in the Sonohomosh forest. Now I am off to the Woody Guthrie tribute set! Sorry for the brief post, I have enthralled with maps of the Northwest, planning my way east to Glacier National Park. Many more details & stories tonight/tomorrow!

Peace & Blessings ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “Paradise is where the heart is

  1. krista!!!!! I am soooo happy after reading your blog! happy for you and me – and that may be – that you have precisely > put into words, a concept that I have been rolling around in my head for quite some time AND…this tune of yours sounds like it struck the right key > i thank theeeeeeeeee 😉

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