No Manor House Party


Hey Meow.

I live in a big house with a bunch of freaky polo playing weirdos. They’re awesome. Every month or so we find some reason to throw a party. This was my birthday. Lots of brilliant, beautiful people came to share it with me and my housemates. It turned into a really awesome rare occasion because this rather rare band Kick a Ten Yr Old in the Head came and played the most mathematical radtacular set. Thanks for rocking out the basement guys!

IMG_9514 The boys in the hood…


Ass all around.

IMG_9428Cute shit.

IMG_9469 Sometimes your sister, your best high school friend who you haven’t seen in seven years, and a guy who was actually trying to crash your neighbor’s party become friends.


Drunk photographer is drunk. Everyone is happy. See the feels?


Let the drunken search party commence. What’d we lose again?
IMG_9526Ain’t no party like a cat party.