Climate Rally this Saturday in Los Angeles

Thousands of people will gather in New York on Sunday to call world leaders to respond to climate change with the gravity it merits. Here in L.A., and cities across the globe, there will be a solidarity march on Saturday. Show up and join the call for meaningful action.

What: Solidarity Rally to Support the People’s Climate March

Where: Wilshire & Normandie Metro Station, Los Angeles

When: Saturday, September 20, 1:00-5:00 p.m.


No Manor House Party


Hey Meow.

I live in a big house with a bunch of freaky polo playing weirdos. They’re awesome. Every month or so we find some reason to throw a party. This was my birthday. Lots of brilliant, beautiful people came to share it with me and my housemates. It turned into a really awesome rare occasion because this rather rare band Kick a Ten Yr Old in the Head came and played the most mathematical radtacular set. Thanks for rocking out the basement guys!

IMG_9514 The boys in the hood…



Ass all around.

IMG_9428Cute shit.


IMG_9469 Sometimes your sister, your best high school friend who you haven’t seen in seven years, and a guy who was actually trying to crash your neighbor’s party become friends.



Drunk photographer is drunk. Everyone is happy. See the feels?


Let the drunken search party commence. What’d we lose again?
IMG_9526Ain’t no party like a cat party.




Poloback: Grandview Park


The world’s first (and only, still) polo-specific court was built in Vancouver, B.C. in 2011. I took a trip up to Vancouver for the East Van Crown after Worlds in Seattle that year, and even though the tournament wasn’t held here, we made sure to drop by and get a game in before heading off on a jaunt down the coast through the Polo Belt of North America, Cascadia.  DSC01229


The East Van Crown returns on September 12. Sarah had to jump through a few hoops to get an expedited passport to make the trip.


Alas, I will be at Interbike. So much bike life, so little time. Hopefully I can get a few games in with the Vegas crew and any other polo folks in town for I-bike. LVBP has some sweet side-by-side rinks to play on. They are pretty slick, and the walls are low – it just takes a little getting used to and some smart braking.

Here’s a final shot of Grandview for all ya’ll who got crushes on nice courts. I see you.



Slice of ~Bananas~

villian park_July Bananas

Villian Park

Bananas is a monthly underground hip hop showcase that goes off every third Tuesday of the month at Kaos Network in Leimert Park. Six years running, Bananas is the place to be for enterprising hip hop artists who are making a name for themselves in L.A.’s underground scene. The lineup is determined by Kyle Guy (alter ego of posi rap superhero VerbS), who packs in a substantial list of young and hungry artists, rare talent, and out-of-town troubadours each month.

kyle and homedude




Bananas isn’t just another obscure affair – You can always count on a core group of regulars in addition to an unpredictable mix of exquisite creatures from all corners of the city, many of whom would probably never find their way to Leimert Park without the lure of Bananas.







“It’s a big-ass rap party,” says Guy, who is apt to book more than a dozen acts for each show. “There are people from all walks of life coming out.”   


Hugh Augustine

It’s an eclectic mix, where the money-and-hoes rappers get to mingle with the punk-rock hip hop heads. You never quite know who will pop up, like guitar virtuoso John Frusciante, who made a discreet appearance earlier this year, or any number of local legends from Leimert and beyond.  

SB the Moor_July Bananas

Signor Benedict the Moor

Hip hop may dominate, but that’s not all there is to the Bananas lineup. R & B, Afro Caribbean dance, live beats and sidewalk ciphers are all par for the course at this monthly gathering. Bananas goes off on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, with a few rare “Green Bananas” shows here and there.

Peep the Bananas Facebook page and stay connected.

ninja turtles

TMNT in the house!

homedude_1kwamil tho_MG_9090Kyle Guy_July Bananas

Pool Party: Self-Evident Truths – Sunday July 13


This is a photo project aimed at putting a human face on everyone on the LGBTQ spectrum — that is, anyone who isn’t 100% straight.

iO Tillett Wright believes familiarity is the gateway to empathy, and wants to photograph 10,000 people to that end. She launched her photo campaign with her Ted Talk, 50 Shades of Gay. This Sunday Wright will be shooting portraits at the Roosevelt Hotel for her campaign for tolerance.

Sleeping with ghosts

I’ve been sleeping with ghosts
I’ve been sinking in futility
The weight of the world is leaning on me
And I’m not sure of my own identity
Looking in the mirror
There’s a strange face staring back,
Who could it be
She looks tired
But I’m feeling wired
Worked up and twerked up
And freaked out and sussed up
I used to be a living thing – A breathing being
What now? – The walls are paper thin
Torn down by fire,                                                                                                                                                  water                                                                                                                                                    or wind

When the colors start to fade,                                                                                                   That’s when we fear the end                                                                                                     Now when the colors start to fade                                                                                     That’s when it’s time to start again                                                                                       Wash the slate clean when the colors fade and                                                                       Make tea for the ghosts as long they stay.

The morning will come                                                                                                              When I awake alone                                                                                                                  When your ghost, and his ghost, and her ghost is gone                                                          When the apparitions fade into the breaking dawn.